Mission and Vision


The Crestone Energy Fair is a non-profit organization highlighting innovative and visionary energy systems, building technologies and lifestyles, which connect the skill sets and resources of communities who practice regenerative living.


Our vision is to be a leading model and global leader of sustainable and regenerative living practices by hosting hands-on workshops, educational seminars, symposiums and online materials.  We strive to support economic development, create new job opportunities, utilize natural resources more consciously and efficiently and facilitate an atmosphere of collaboration and conflict resolution within the community.  We integrate the vision and wisdom of our ancestors, elders, peers and youth into lessons and create networks of support for healing.

We accomplish our Mission and Vision through a year-round networking platform which offers educational, informational and empowering workshops on: 

  • alternative building methods such as strawbale, cob, cordwood, earthships and rammed earth including hands-on demonstrations
  • alternative energies such as solar, wind & hydroelectric
  • grey, black, rain & other water systems
  • permaculture, gardening, composting & vermiculture
  • current technology systems and their impacts & regulations (5G, Smart Meters, etc.)
  • energetic healing modalities like tai chi, qi gong, breathwork & sound healing
  • restoring community health and repairing harm through restorative and non-violent communication practices
  • engaging in intentional celebration and ceremony through the arts, music and dance
  • creating meaningful volunteer opportunities