2021 Crestone Energy Fair

Photo Credits Lori Nagel Sunflower Zen Studios

Rewatch the Livestream, choose either Saturday or Sunday to see the various presentations from the fair.

NOTE:There are two choices in the playlist, the first is a replay of what was recorded Saturday, the second is what was recorded Sunday.

Video Credit Doug Beechwood of TerraMedia

Crestone Energy Fair

A Tradition in the San Luis Valley

The Crestone Energy Fair continues to be a tradition in the San Luis Valley for more than thirty years, bringing innovative ideas in construction, lifestyle, and sustainability to the region. This event continues to be one of the longest running sustainability fairs in the nation, and in the past has included a weekend of educational presentations, community symposiums, hands on demonstrations, and guided home tours.  Run by committed volunteers, this free event is committed to improving the lives of all attendees by empowering them to learn and experience the necessary skills to use alternative building methodologies and materials in future projects. With a past attendance exceeding 500 people, we are excited to expand the Crestone Energy Fair to a broader online audience, as we are filming and live-streaming the event, pioneered last year due to the covid shutdown.

How you can help


Preparation volunteers needed: Community mural for the stage, building infrastructure, Earth Art project, Kids area, Kitchen area, AV Booth decorating 


Volunteers are needed all year long.


If you can help financially, here is our GoFundMe