2022 Demos

Build Your Own Earthship!
~ A hands on Experience

Build it yourself. Take it home! Together we will have fun and learn, while assembling a high quality, fully detailed miniature earthship house! This hands on workshop is fun and informative for all ages! Be sure to attend the talk: Earthship’s Explained for the full experience! Spaces are limited, so arrive early to reserve your spot! $15 per model, groups are welcome to build one together.

Earthships Explained:
Radically Off Grid Housing

Join The Off Grid Guru for a fun and informative experience exploring the core concepts that make earthship homes radically self-sufficient! Learn how people all over the world are regaining their independence, by building their homes with these simple, yet intuitive principles. For a more hands on experience, check out the workshop: Build Your Own Earthship! A hands on Experience.

Understanding the “Cob” Mix &
Clean-Burning Stoves

With Viva of MudBlood Builds

Familiarize yourself with the variety of cob mixes, as well as the basic principles of rocket stove technology i.e. clean-burning wood fires for heating and cooking, and how the two go together.

My name is Viva. I grew up building with earth since my mom ran a successful business teaching cob workshops. At some point I started focusing on rocket stove technology and earthen ovens, combining my knowledge of cob with clean heating and cooking tech. The sculptural capacities of clay have drawn further down the path of pure sculpture using found objects and local clay bodies. This is currently what I am most passionate about and intend to develop further. My work is done under the moniker Mudblood Builds.


HempCrete Demonstration

Discover what’s behind the hempcrete hype! Join us for one-to-one education, panel discussions, samples and hands-on workshops.

Rocky Mountain Hemp Build – creating sustainable buildings for generations of healthy living. Discover hempcrete!

Biogas Digester Septic Systems

with Nick Chambers

Saguache County and future developments have a unique opportunity to advance the use of anaerobic digester systems that can produce renewable biogas while serving as septic systems. This presentation will discuss applicability, practicality, opportunities, costs and more.

Anaerobic Digester systems need special attention to design, solar heating, feedstock handling, gas utilization and applicability. These topics plus much more will be discussed. 


Gasifiers ~ The Pyrate Crew

Gasification as a process was established over 150 years ago and not much has changed in that time. The Pyrate Crew are taking a new approach to gasification with innovative ideas and solutions to old problems as well as widespread use plans going forward.

AirCrete – DomeGaia

Domegaia’s mission is to provide Earthlings everywhere with tools, trainings, and designs for building eco-elegant, high-quality, low-cost structures using their innovative DIY material called Aircrete!


Pounding Tires ~ Ron Sciarrillo

PaperCrete  ~ Donovan

StrawBale ~ Tony Cannata