2021 Home Tours

“One of the jewels of Crestone that I love so much is the amazing architecture that has been realized here. It is truly inspiring what a human mind can imagine and then build. For decades, Crestone has been a place of freedom for creativity in the home building process and we are concerned that many builders are not taking the natural environment and our resources into consideration.  We would really appreciate it if everyone could take this survey and help us get an understanding of where the path of home building has come from and where it is going. There are so many beautiful homes here and I hope to start archiving the stories behind them. Please feel free to be as detailed as you like and only share what you are comfortable with. ”   -Goldie Mariola

Take a drive down any road in the Baca and you will be sure to see a handful of amazing, unique and beautifully designed homes, some of them look like they are straight out of a dream and probably are.  In contrast to a lot of other counties and communities, home builders in Crestone have a lot of freedom in the building process. 

Saturday August 28 – Under Construction

Earthbag Construction

Earthship Style



Sunday August 29 – Completed Homes

Off the Grid

Passive Solar

Climate Battery