We Dream Dawn

We Dream Dawn

We Dream Dawn portrait

2019 marks a new age for WE DREAM DAWN as bassist Aera Fox lends her hypnotically angelic voice to an already dreamy mix, and Grammy Award winning producer Steven Vidaic (Citizen Cope) joins in the quest to make some of the most pleasurable music ever. Their sound is literally rooted in a food forest surrounding a cabin down a long dusty road in Kansas. It is there nearly 6 years ago that co-founders Fox and Sage Cook (Elephant Revival) first planted trees and then began to work on music and visual art. Emerging from this self imposed isolation is a lush soundscape reminiscent of a young forest dancing with the wind as melodies twist and soar like swallows weaving through the air or, sometimes, like thunder rolling over the hills. At the heart of this dance flows a dynamic play between masculine and feminine poetry that proves wholeness is greater than the sum of its parts.

WE, as in all of us.
DREAM, as in create.
DAWN, the new day.


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