Tony - Bear House SIP

Bear House and Craft House SIP

The “Bear House”, by Artisanal Building, has 29’ clear ceilings. Built with Structural Integrated Panels and Craft Timberframe with Beetle Kill Ponderosa Pine. Sustainable, Passive Solar and High Efficiency are some of the main features.     The “Craft House” at the same address is a shipping container shop and studio meeting all POA guidelines

Juniper - Temple of Nature

Temple of Nature

Temple of nature is a permaculture based project, using natural heat and light to heat space. It’s designed to help inspire tranquility and rest in relaxation. We offer Ayurvedic treatments as well as meditation classes to get us closer to our true nature.

Solar Biogas Generator

Solar Biogas Waste Water Treatment Noon – 1 PM Sunday

Solar Biomass CoGen is here: Anaerobic Digestion Solar Thermal Solar Photovoltaic Rain Catchment   Solar Biogas Wastewater Treatment Sunday noon-1pm Anaerobic Digestion is the bio-chemical process that transforms organic materials into a methane-rich gas called biogas.  It is the last remaining piece to the renewable homestead, village, or farm where we already have passive solar …

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Donovan Hyprid Earthship Papercrete

Commercial Papercrete and Forever Shower Prototype

A hybrid earthship style home.  Earthship style first floor with a papercrete second floor.  The house is constructed of mostly reclaimed and repurposed materials, including windows, insulation, framing and roof trusses.  Also onsite will be a ‘Forever Shower’ prototype based on a design from Alosha at  The shower is a cycling of water through a contained, managed wetlands with …

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Earthship Under Construction

Earthship Under Construction

                  Goldie and Matt Earthship inspired tire home with super-insulated, R-40 walls, passive solar heating and cooling with cooling tubes . Extended greenhouse and reused/recycled building materials including bottle brick walls, re-used tires for foundation, re-used glass for windows and adobe floors and walls.

Strawbale Hybrid building under construction

Strawbale Hybrid

Passive solar, super insulated strawbale home. 16” cellulose insulation in the roof. Sunspace with a garden bed for heat, and veggies.Main living, local timber frame with infill strawbale walls.  Studio/garage has hybrid structural strawbale walls.  Most framing, trim, stone flooring is local.  Earthbag insulated foundation. And Adobe earth plaster.

Grain Bin Alternative House

Reclaimed Grain Bins

900sqft – Reclaimed Grain Bin Construction Spray Foam insulation with Ruff Cut Lumber Interior Framing Earth Bags and Tires were too labor intensive and time consuming for a single mother with twins. The Bins were economically purchased for $500 and can be reassembled in a couple days. I’ve always wanted a ‘Butler’