Solar Biogas Generator

Solar Biogas Waste Water Treatment Noon – 1 PM Sunday

Solar Biomass CoGen is here:

Anaerobic Digestion
Solar Thermal
Solar Photovoltaic
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  • Solar Biogas Wastewater Treatment
    • Sunday noon-1pm
    • Anaerobic Digestion is the bio-chemical process that transforms organic materials into a methane-rich gas called biogas.  It is the last remaining piece to the renewable homestead, village, or farm where we already have passive solar for heating, solar hot water for domestic hot water, and photovoltaics/wind for electricity. Creating biogas for cooking and other heat loads or electricity can be done while also treating wastewater as a septic system in a properly designed and installed biogas digester. Biogas digesters are a great way to lessen the demand for the products of the controversial fracking industry.

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