Rich and Ana Cornelius

Rich & Ana Cornelius – Opening & Closing Ceremony

Rich Cornelius

Please join us on Friday, August 16 for our Opening Ceremony with Rich & Ana Cornelius who will present on Seven Generations philosophy.  They will also help us close the weekend with a collaborative closing ceremony on Sunday, August 18 at 7:30pm.

Sekoli (Hello)

My name is Rich Cornelius, I am a member of the Oneida Tribe of Indians of Wisconsin and I was raised on the Oneida Indian Reservation near Green Bay, Wisconsin. My wife Ana is from Venezuela and we are Native American Educators who have studied with numerous tribal elders, leaders and healers to learn and pass-on indigenous knowledge. It is through our travels and the people we meet, that allows us to continue our lifelong passion for learning and sharing knowledge that has been passed down through generations. We both have formal education and a traditional indigenous education. Our travels brought us to Colorado with our three youngest children in 2014.

 Onyota’a:ka means “People of the Standing Stone”. The Oneida have a deep history and culture. We have subsisted being farmers, hunters and gatherers. We grow the Three Sisters; corn, beans and squash. We gather wild fruits and berries; particularly the Strawberry is an important staple in Oneida culture. We hunt deer and small game to round out and balance our diet. Oneidas along with the Onondaga, Cayuga, Seneca, Mohawk and Tuscarora make up the Six Nations Confederacy. They call themselves Haudenosaunee or The People of the Longhouse the French called them “Iroquois”.  The Oneida have a deep history with the United States including influencing the three branches of government (Clan system) to the council of fires (representative democracy) and Chief Shenandoah bringing supplies to a depleted U.S. Army headed by George Washington at Valley Forge.

As a business professional, I have a wealth of experience in Human Resource Management, Organizational Management, and Finance. As an indigenous intuitive, I have several methodologies that allows access to the ancient wisdom of Skana (sk^n^).  Sk^n^ ko ka, is an Oneida phrase whose translation is “Are you at Peace?” Oneida men and women often use a form of this word in formal as well as informal greetings with each other. Sk^n^ has a deeper meaning however. Serenity and peace are elements of Sk^n^ as well as a greater knowing, Sk^n^ is a way to be. I can perform energy work similar to the Japanese art of Reiki. I use cards and smudging as ways to do spiritual readings and shamanic journeys. Life coaching, sweat lodges, spiritual retreats, guided meditation as well as group guided meditation are all available. Many of the methods listed are meant to be introductory. As we work together, I will work with you to develop a custom plan for the work you desire to undertake.

My wife Ana, also has a combination of formal education and traditional indigenous knowledge.  Ana has been an activist her entire life. She has dedicated her life to community work including advocating for the most marginalized. Ana lived on the Oneida reservation for 15 years where she was very involved in Oneida culture, language and community healing. Ana worked as an indigenous peacekeeper using restorative justice practices. Ana’s dedication to the Oneida community resulted in being adopted formally in the longhouse by a family as Oneida culture dictates. Ana’s formal education is in social change and environmental planning. Ana’s both formal and traditional teachings are centered around the Seven generations philosophy of the Haudenosaunee. onʌ́ kiˀ wah

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