Lisa Bodey and friends

Restorative Justice with Molly Rowan Leach, Lisa Bodey, Cristina Cabeza-Kinney & Orca Ross

Join us as we introduce Restorative Justice and the 5 Preconditions for Restorative Practices based on Dominic Barter’s work.  We will explore recent history of RJ in Crestone with firsthand accounts to examine what we have learned, where improvements can be made and how we can strengthen relationships and repair harm in a community.  We will introduce what RJ looks like in action highlighting the Crestone Charter School as the leading example of integrating this system into the school setting.  Feedback from the Gallery Stroll questions and a short Q&A will close the session.

Molly Rowan Leach, Restorative Justice On the Rise

Lisa Bodey, Flaming Lotus Creations

Cristina Cabeza-Kinney, CCS Office Manager/ Restorative Practices Culture Facilitator,

Orca Ross, CCS Restorative Pratices Coordinator

Please visit the Restorative Practices booth throughout the weekend (set up next to the Artisan’s Gallery) to engage in stimulating conversation, browse resources and offer feedback through our Gallery Stroll.  A Gallery Stroll encourages feedback by allowing the community to answer & pose new questions placed on posterboards at the event.  The purpose is to encourage greater community involvement in creating solutions, resolving conflict and repairing harm on a myriad of subjects. 

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