Presentations 2021

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Sensei Alan Imai – Shumei Agriculture

Reconnection with Seeds and People

Demonstrating how Shumei works with farmers in Zambia, Africa. What Shumei has done along with the Zambian farmers to learn and grow food for their personal survival by using Shumei’s Natural Agriculture sustainable method. This also allows the farmers to send their children to school to improve their lives by being able to sell any additional food.  We also started building an elementary school and a vocational school.

Adam Brock – Regenerate Change

Getting to Know Social Permaculture

The patterns of Nature that bind us together apply to our human relationships, too. Social permaculture reveals these core patterns and principles, and offers a process through which our human communities can be nourished, strengthened, and healed.

Join Adam Brock, author of Change Here Now and a national leader in the social permaculture movement, for this interactive two-hour workshop applying regenerative design thinking to your life, your organization and your community as a whole. You’ll leave with the capacity to:

– Identify core ecological principles that support regenerative relationships in human and more-than-human ecosystems
– Apply the regenerative design process to change-making endeavors in your own lif
– Utilize a nested wholes framework to create alignment across your personal, communal, and systemic regeneration projects
– Engage with a community of like minded changemakers that you can share ideas with and learn from

Community Sovereignty and the Right to Heal With Entheogens

Kevin Matthews of Vote Nature & SPORE

A panel discussion with leaders from the Colorado psychedelic reform movement exploring why the use and possession of entheogens are a human right and how communities can maintain autonomy in a rapidly emerging ecosystem.

Matthew DuffyMycelial Organizing & Social Permaculture in The Psychedelic Movement

Looking at the psychedelic movement in Colorado and beyond from an ecological lens and discussing how we can organize in partnership with the medicines to foster a regenerative revolution in our communities, cultures, and societies.

Caring for Nihi K’é (Our Relatives): Ceremony & Solidarity, not Charity

Makai Lewis & Kimberly Smith of Nihi K’é Baa’

A conversation with Nihi Ké Baá (For Our Relatives) about their work living in Northern NM’s “National Sacrifice Zone” and their work to uncover the health impacts after decades of resource extraction, settler colonialism, capitalism, and the correlation of the Covid 19 pandemic; and their approach to healing their homelands and communities with solutions that are healing and rooted in culture/ceremonies, decolonization, sustainability & mutual aid.

Brigitte Mars – Edible and Medicinal Plants of Crestone

Wild Edible and Medicinal Plants of The Crestone Area: Learn to identify and utilize the fabulous wild plants growing in this area for their edible and medicinal properties.

Stone Hunter of Biodynamic Source

Biodynamics: Reimagining Relationships & Restoring The Agora

In this workshop participants will be introduced to the foundations of Biodynamics as a living, evolving relationship to agriculture. We will demonstrate practices for restoring soil, plant, animal and human vitality. We will also speak about the built environment and how we can build therapeutic homes that are not only environmentally sound but also harmonious and tuned to the subtle forces of life.

Biodynamic Source:

Viva La Vida Foundation:

Diamond Mauriello of Oppenheimer Ranch

The Necessity of Permaculutre

David, otherwise known as Diamond, grew up in Southampton just outside of Philadelphia. He attended Temple University where he received his B.S. in geology and stayed on to teach and get his masters degree. Diamond’s recent work on social and environmental justice initiatives, including urban vacant lot farming, GMO awareness, and other green endeavors find even greater expression in the Oppenheimer Ranch Project. He has an extensive background in landscape, residential, and commercial construction, and is also a master dry-set mason, skills which fit nicely with the tasks at hand. Earthship anyone?

Nick Chambers

The Alchemy of Fire & Gasification

From the dawn of humanity to the future of combustion, Nick Chambers takes us on a journey where classical alchemy meets traditional thermochemistry. Fire is central and universal to our lives and wood chip gasification holds promise for the triage of electricity, hot water, and biochar while being the only carbon-negative renewable energy source.

Navona Gallegos – Dust to Soil :: Right Relations and Ecological Regeneration

Soil is where water, climate, humans, and the entire web of life intersect. By building living soil, we can mitigate climate change, reverse ocean acidification, support biodiversity, have clean water, enjoy abundant and nutrient dense foods, and support our own bodies’ healthy microbiome. The ecology of soil is complex, but we can build healthy soil with simple permaculture practices. These practices are rooted in indigenous wisdom and focus on fungi as the keystone to soil building. This workshop will cover those principles and practices that everyone can apply whether you are farming, backyard gardening, restoring wild lands, cultivating cannabis, or simply interested in how to get the best nutrition you can.

​​Jose Villa of Cottonwood Creek Apiaries

Getting real with keeping honey bees

A brief overview of the background facts of honey bee colony life, the components of hives and how they are managed through the seasons, leading to the specifics of what it takes to keep colonies alive in the region.  The emphasis will be on dialogue, exchange of information and answering questions.

We have been keeping colonies of bees in this area for five years.  Some years have been good honey production years, others not so much.  As a proof of concept, we have not used any treatments for mites during this time period and our colony losses have been minimal.

​​Nisa Kerr – Highest Yoga

Kundalini Meditation Chakra Lift

Thru Sound, mantra, breath work and posture will seek out our highest. The class will be 2 hours of lifting the Bandhas and moving kundalini prana. A full description and meditation of each chakra with sound vibration, posture and mantra. Beginners welcome. Yogi tea and fellowship afterwards.

Join us in this story of breath, life and you. Come listen to what moves you, feel the flow, connect to the absolute highest, Sat Nam. From life force to emotions, through goals, self love, heart opening, communication to intuition and the creation to infinity- we will lift prana to all.  Yogi tea at the end. All welcome.

Sierra Zuppan – Soulshine Wellness Collective

​​We will have a 5-10 minute meditation about how cultivate and expend our personal energy followed by a conscious yoga flow

Come flow with me in a conscious 1-hour vinyasa focused around how we cultivate and expend our personal energy.  All levels are welcome!

Mariah Sutherland – Art-ery Sacred Heart Center

Authentic Relating

Authentic relating is an organic, in-the-moment interpersonal process that’s equal parts art form, meditation, and group conversation — all designed to allow a visceral experience of connection and understanding of another person’s world, celebrating who and where they are right now.

Matie Belle Lakish & Joy Hill

Canning & Saving Your Crop

Mike Wird – Regenerative Adventures LLC

3 practical steps to making your dreams a reality

We will be exploring what it looks like to live a life by design examining social, ecological, & financial models and their parallels using the lens of systems thinking and pattern recognition. We will start with an exercise grounding in participants the importance of systems thinking in the design process of creating and living a healthy, wealthy lifestyle let alone any lived experience. We will then draw parallels between social, ecological and financial systems in an attempt to shift the disjointed thinking/thought paradigm that prevents these systems from working in a more mutually beneficial manner.

Michael Henry Dunn
SAGE {Sacred Academy of Geo-Energetics}

Sacred Yoga Lovesongs  – Sacred Chant And Spiritual Storytelling

Gardening Panel

Farmer Bob &Navona Gallegos

Alternative Building Panel

Stone Hunter of Biodynamic Source, Roland Gyallay-Pap & Eamonn McNaugton of Rocky Mountain Hemp Build, Marco Cervantes of CalEarth, Shawn King of Cob Cottage Company, Curtis Schieb and Laura Bartel