Plan BE

Plan Be

Plan BE

Plan Be is an all original band hailing from the hamlet community of Crestone, CO.  They play a form of Gypsy Mountain Rock whose melodic ascensions and rhythmic thump alongside searing lyrics of the good life, the strife of life, and the fellowship with the earth will keep you going all night long.  Some people have also called this music Trance Bluegrass.

Singer/songwriter and guitar player Adam Kinney comes originally from Texas where early musical influences of Nirvana and Tom Petty meshed with dreams of being a rock star.  This has led to scores of songs that audiences can easily identify with and sing along, as they speak to the common struggles and joys of family, work, and striving to be a better person.

Arizona-born chopmaster Jacob Pesqueira plays the banjo like no other.  Tuned GDAE and played with a guitar pick, the mesh of rhythm and melody find a perfect and infectious balance.  Jacob was given a guitar by his father at age 10 and since has evolved intuitively with not only the guitar, but also mandolin, didgeridoo, and in the last few years, banjo.  His influences include Django Reinhardt, Gypsy Kings, and Santana.

Plan Be’s kick drum, hi-hat, snare, and bass come from Nick Chambers.  A native Coloradoan, he was influenced by an older brother to start playing the drum kit at age 10.  He was playing in Denver bars at 16 and in college lived with jazz musicians whose influence of time, avant garde cadence, and funk have never left.  Combining foot percussion with the electric bass allows each to be simple yet powerful.  He still plays and is influenced by traditional Irish music, be bop jazz, and funk.


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