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Crestone Songbirds

Crestone Songbirds

Front Row:  Marta Shoman, Anrahyah Arstad, Lin Salmi, Pamela Ramadei; Back Row: Lili Zohar, Joanna Theriault, Suzie Ryan, Sharon Corcoran, Jillian Ellzey. (Missing from the photo are Judith Oakland, Susan Skellenger, Alison Ramadei, Julia Voss, Carolina Brown).

The Crestone Songbirds were “birthed” around the 2016 presidential elections, in an effort to counter the negativity toward women and nature.  We dedicate our songs to the honoring of Mother Earth and the Divine Feminine that lives in all beings.  We offer our songs to raise the vibrational frequency for our community and planet, to heal what needs healing, and to bring a sense of joy in a time when things around us are so often intense.   We are delighted to share a few songs at the Crestone Energy Fair this year!

Regenerative Stage

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