Music & Entertainment 2021


Treaphort’s sound cultivates a positive, uplifting and present space through organic electronic sound. Vibrations of meditative patterning bring the listener to a platform of direct experience while maintaining a playfully light vibe.

Chances R Good

Chances r good makes music in the spirit of conscious rap, and meta-spiritual RnB.

Pioneer Mother

A quirky combination of western outlaw and psychedelic astronaut, mixing wit, modern wisdom and classic bluegrass instrumentation yields a captivating live performance, more outlaw country than bluegrass.

Shumei Crestone Hikari Taiko

The Shumei Taiko Ensemble also promotes a cultural and spiritual experience through concerts and drumming workshops. The Taiko Ensemble is dedicated to advancing peace by bridging cultural differences through their performances. Since its founding in 1982, the Taiko Ensemble has captivated audiences throughout the world with the precision and vitality of its performance, which exemplify one of the oldest living musical traditions.

Tio Puerta

Spanish / Gypsy soul, Earth Tribe vibe -Theodore Pesqueira has been playing in Crestone with two local bands, “Plan Be”and the “Jah Kings”.  Tio Peurta is a sound that has evolved from his passion for music that creates a sacred space and gets the body grooving.  He is blessed and honored to have his son and wife accompany him, a long awaited dream, along with other local earth tribe family to co-create mystical and groovy tunes. 

Sami and Chloe 

Violin, cello, guitar and voice singing in harmony and swimming in sweet songs of world folk and original music.  Sweet songs and incantations like Honey and elderflower mead.

Hallow Sound

Mike Wird

Mike is a Hiphop renaissance man, with a passion for advocating for social, ecological and financial stewardship. For over 10 years Mike has been on a mission to provide visionaries with the tools, community and resources to inspire others to have healthy relationships with each other, the planet and their finances for generations to come.

Bethy Love Light

Muzoetry is Conscious Musical Poetry.  It’s a poetic synergy of enlightening rap, enlivening songs and invoking chants, all synced with a variety of bodacious beats, spoken and sung, in utter DEVOTION, to The Divine One that WE are.

Ashley Willfire

Enjoy an elevating live performance with soulful female vocals, harmonies, and original songs and live looping.

Sand Mountain Band

Just another local crestone cover band. Bring an extra pair of socks because we are going to rock them off!

Grey Finnell – Pinecone 

The Pinecone bass project is here to build soundscapes and present experimental sound for flow art and dance.

Cailan Boone’s music

Hailing from Crestone, my songs focus a lot on positivity and doing what I can to make the world a brighter place. I write songs based on my experiences, my emotions, and how I see the world. I hope the music makes people feel good about being alive.

James Francis III

Hogan & Moss Old Weird America

Original songs with old souls. The Carter Family canon. West Texas waltzes, Appalachian mystery rants, vintage country, blues and soul and midcentury swing. Part folkabilly scorch, part 1930s dancehall, part neon desert twang. It sounds like Ireland, North Mississippi and East Tennessee, and an imaginary place where songs by Tom Waits, Townes Van Zandt, Amy Winehouse, Nirvana, Warren Zevon and Billy Joel are rearranged by the likes of Hank Williams, Jimmie Rodgers, Bob Wills, Geeshie Wiley, A.P. Carter. and the ghost of Blaze Foley.

Ben Hanna

Ben Hanna’s lyrics are often that voice in your head that you don’t tell people about. His “post-post rock” style is described as a blend of americana-inspired modern storytelling and high-energy punk. He sings about the human condition and finding your place in groups in society (or not).


Heliomorph consists of an eclectic mix of performers who came together in August 2021. 
Our founding members are: Flowmancer Kasai, Roman Panda, Malana Faith and Shoshannah Asha

Heliomorph is grateful to have Therran Hawk as our Stage Manager..and back flipping wizard! 

Special thanks to Luka Tlaloc, for his freestyle introduction and ceremonial contribution to our debut at the Crestone Energy Fair.

Our choreography often calls for guest performers and extras; we love including the community!

Contact us at