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Letter to the Editor – September 2019

Letter to the Editor – September 2019

The Crestone Energy Fair sends an enormous thank you to our community and new friends who traveled to make this year’s event a huge success.  There was a sense of peace, collaboration and deep communication throughout the weekend that allowed for a diverse group of people to gather in support of one another while contemplating and engaging in dialogue around our theme “Climate Solutions Now for Seven Generations”.  Many photos, podcasts and videos presentations continue to be posted so please keep checking our website and our Facebook Group for links to resources and inspirational material.

We are humbled and grateful by all of the volunteers, presenters and vendors who gathered to share such thought provoking and healing work.  We also want to thank Saguache County and all of the sponsors, donors and home tour supporters who contributed financially so we could bring this event to you.  We appreciate the communication and support of the Town of Crestone, Sheriff’s Office, Emergency Services and local businesses to help us create solutions for a safe, healthy and thriving event.  Please consider making a donation to our Go Fund Me so we can continue to bring this level of organization and outreach to our community throughout the year.

Lisa Bodey, Nick Nevares & Donovan Spitzman

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