Gallery Stroll Tent

Gallery Stroll

Gallery Stroll TENT

How a Gallery Stroll works – 

A question is posed on a board.

Participants add comments and questions pertinent to the originating question.

As each participant adds their input, a bit of a ‘living’ document is created.

Support for existing comments is shown by adding a check mark, smiley face, or some type of visual endorsement….much like Social Media, but live. (No ongoing Trolls or distracting dissertations here)

So, grab a pen & share your thoughts

Each station has a question.

See a comment you like, put a check mark by it.

Remember, it’s not so much about just reading what others wrote, but to write yourself into the document. There is no right or wrong, only sharing and understanding.

“With Compromise and Understanding, the future holds every possibility.”

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