Energy Fair Staff Visioning Day

Energy Fair 2020 Creating Community!

The Crestone Eagle • April, 2020

by Lisa Bodey

The Crestone Energy Fair is more than just an event.  It represents our values and how we choose to live in greater harmony with each other and the planet.  It is a celebration of the sustainable solutions we have created and an honoring of the unique web we have woven together as a community.  The current world situation is showing us how urgent it is to share knowledge, time and resources to develop systems that support our local well-being and health in an atmosphere of collaboration and integrity.

As events are being cancelled across Colorado and the nation, there is a possibility that we will have to cancel the 31st Annual Crestone Energy Fair.  While we have a date set for August 14-16, we remain committed to the health and safety of our attendees and will provide updates if a cancellation is imminent.  We realize how vital this information exchange and celebration is to our presenters, sponsors, entertainers, healers and vendors, so we plan to increase our educational opportunities and information exchange via our website, Facebook group and Youtube channel.  In lieu of an event, we can showcase local residents sharing alternative building techniques, innovative energy technologies, permaculture and other practices that support resiliency through this online presence. 

Office space in town!

We have created a non-profit (ScSEED will remain our 501(c)3 fiscal sponsor) to expand beyond the event.  We are grateful for donations from Artisanal Boards Buildings and Crestone Creative Trade, making it possible for the Energy Fair to host an office space in town at 259 S. Cottonwood Street.  We appreciate the community responding to our requests on Facebook for specific office items.  This space has provided us with a convenient location to host meetings, organize volunteer committees and serve as an educational hub.  We have been exploring the option of setting up a retail space to showcase products that are local, sustainable, functional and which empower our community to become more engaged in their purchasing decisions; but at the current moment, we will just have to wait and see.


One thing we know we will still need in the future is firewood.  We are excited to announce the creation of a Community Firewood Program in partnership with Neighbors Helping Neighbors.  Our objectives are:  more efficient use of our local resources, stimulation of sustainable economic development, creation of new jobs & work-trade opportunities, support of local buying, and the increase of firewood to families in need of heating support.  Families who can afford to buy cords of firewood at full price will be helping to subsidize the program and ensure that we have a continual stock on hand through those cold winter months for NHN to distribute.  We will begin taking orders for next season’s firewood in April! 

Garden Initiative

The Energy Fair is also part of the Crestone Garden Initiative which is setting up the greenhouse in the Town Hall building. This space will provide food to seniors and other community members in need and will expand to outdoor locations once the season is ready to roll.  We recently had a wonderful day moving soil from the Shumei Gardens in preparation for planting.  If you are not already on our newsletter list and want to be notified of ways you can volunteer in our community, please sign up on our website.

We believe in the value and contribution these projects will make to connect and bring us together in these turbulent times.  It is crucial that we have the community’s financial support to move forward in setting up the non-profit and launching these new initiatives.  We have been exploring new fundraising platforms but it seems best to keep things simple right now.  Your financial donations support our “project seeds” which we plan to tend, nourish and grow for a more thriving and abundant community.  We will continue to accept donations through our Go Fund Me page.  With everyone staying home and spending more time online, consider tuning into our Facebook group, YouTube channel and website for local news and inspiring projects.  For more information please visit our website,

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