Demonstrations 2021

Rocky Mountain Hemp Build :: Hempcrete Wall Building Demo 

​​With Roland Gyallay-Pap, Eamonn McNaughton

We will perform a hempcrete installation of a wall section by casting hempcrete in forms and then revealing the completed wall.

EarthBag & SuperAdobe

Learn SuperAdobe with CalEarth’s Technical Director, Marco Cervantes!

Using long sandbags (“SuperAdobe Bags”), barbed wire, on-site earth, and a few tools, CalEarth founder, Nader Khalili, devised a revolutionary building system that integrates traditional earth architecture with contemporary global safety requirements and passes severe earthquake code tests in California.

This technology has been published by NASA, endorsed by the United Nations, featured in countless world media outlets, and awarded the prestigious Aga Khan Award for Architecture in 2004. Inspired by traditional earth architecture in the deserts of Iran and adapted for modern usage. Simplified so that anyone can build. 

Cob Workshop

Shawn King – Symtemenos (Consulting)    

Cob Cottage Company & Building by The Handful  Workshops)

Skillset: Specific expertise in consulting on materials choice and design engineering for durability, resistance and adaptation to extreme weather and seismic events, aesthetics, and minimal environmental impact using natural, local, salvaged, repurposed, and on-site materials.

Workshop and individual instruction in and technological development of appropriate technology and techniques for DIY earthen ultra-ecological family homes and other built-environment components such as garden walls. Emphasis on earthen and locally-harvested or salvaged materials, minimal cost and minimal environmental impact for passive solar-rational new construction and retrofitting of conventional structures by their owner-builders.

Experience: I have been organizing, teaching, and leading workshops on natural building techniques, materials, design, and siting with Cob Cottage Company and the North American School of Natural Building since 2012. The workshop series included 9-day intensives designed to prepare novices of all ages to effectively build their own natural home and teach others in the process. I have developed workshops and taught along-side Ianto Evans and Linda Smiley, authors of The Hand Sculpted House and founders of both the modern cob revival world-wide and the North American School of Natural Building, an organization connecting natural builders from a wide variety of styles and lineages to shared information and expertise. I have directly advised on design and implementation of many build projects, enhancing the soundness of design choices, reducing carbon footprint and other environmental impacts, lowering costs, and simplifying design and build process.

I have built my own cob cottage by hand, remodeled my own conventional house with natural paints and plasters, installed earthen floors, and built and cooked with earthen bread ovens.

Tire Pounding

– Matt Evers, Pete Van Horn, Donovan Spitzman


– Donovan Spitzman & Eric Maki


– Curtis Scheib

Bottle Wall

– Goldie & Juniper