Lisa Bodey – Director

The Crestone Energy Fair has changed my life and is giving me some of my biggest life lessons on dedication, perseverance and forgiveness.  Our crew is growing and I am humbled to be a part of a team of such extraordinary people.  This project represents the basics of permaculture to me…earth care, people care and resource share, so I absolutely love devoting my time and energy to this cause. Living off-grid in the tiny house I built since 2012, aligns with our path of supporting non-traditional, homeowner built and affordable housing for our community as well as utilizing our resources in a more responsible and equitable way. My passion lies in community organizing and networking and more recently I’m integrating restorative practices and social permaculture into our nonprofit.   I strive to be a bridge between our youth, my peers and the elders so that we can all live an abundant and healthy life together in Crestone. 

Nick NevaresProducer

The Fair’s Producer, Nick Nevares, has been a Crestone Resident since 2018, and become ingrained in the community through various non-profit groups, including the Crestone Energy Fair, the Crestone Energy Exchange, and involvement in feeding the community through monthly meals and the community annual Thanksgiving feast. Prior to living in Crestone, Nick had a prolific 12 year career producing corporate events and music festivals in New Orleans, which he left to find a more rewarding life in the Colorado mountains.  Sustainability and regenerative practices are the driving forces behind why he serves the community through the Fair and other events, and as a Realtor he helps guide buyers through the complicated process of navigating off grid living.  In his off time he spends time on home improvements, Gardening, rockhounding and hiking the bountiful trails throughout Colorado. 

Donovan Spitzman – Advisor

Donovan is just an average guy making his way through life the best he can.  Like most, a divine series of events led Donovan to his passion for Passive Solar Design and Regenerative Living concepts.  A Tool and Die Designer by schooling and a business coach by experience, Donovan spends his days building a hybrid tire and papercrete home.  He considers himself just another dreamer, dreaming a dream. The dream of resilient collective abundance. 

Goldie Mariola – Home Tour Maven

The Energy Fair was my first exposure to the wonderful community of Crestone in 2017 and since then I have had the opportunity to become more involved. I have been a part of the Home  tours for the past 4 years and now I am the lead organizer of the tours. I am passionate about local building policy and also earth friendly building methods, especially Earthships. I love sharing the home tours and being able to offer the physical experience standing in a home that is built with recycled materials or uses passive solar or other earth friendly practices.  Crestone is home to some of the most amazing houses on the planet and I believe that the more people that see them, the more inspired building everywhere will be.

Lydia Sprouts – Booking

Lydia Sprouts is joining the Energy Fair team this year as a booking agent for musical acts and workshops. She previously organized for Tribal Vision, Rainbow Lightning, Arise, Permaculture Action Days, and numerous private parties. She plays mandolin, sings and writes for the band, Pioneer Mother, an up and coming front range band that released their first album recently. She is a yoga teacher, and a hobby gardener, who, having moved off grid in the spring of 2020, is swiftly navigating an upgrade to full on future farm & permaculture queen. She is a part time mother of tween girls, and lives in Crestone with her partner and his son, where they steward a 42 acre sandbox that features a rainbow train car house, and a dojo.

Leighton Burt – Social Media/Digital Design

Leighton is a valley local from Alamosa. Having grown up in his family’s outdoor recreation shop, he spent his youth falling in love with nature and the outdoors throughout Colorado. His professional career began after high school graduation, working as a student researcher developing drone sensor apparatuses for live analysis and data collection of Colorado wildfires the the NOAA Lab in Boulder. After moving to Montana to attend University, Leighton dropped out to pursue a less institutionalized lifestyle, spending three years making a living in culinary arts and digital design. Since moving back to the SLV, Leighton attended the 2021 Energy Fair and fell in love with the community, quickly finding his new home in Crestone. He became a versatile part of the team serving as a social media coordinator for the 2022 Fair, taking on responsibility as our web and graphic designer for the 2023 event.

Amory Reed – Freebox Fashion Show

Although I have been drawn to the SLV for decades, I finally arrived in March of this year, and I am grateful to be home. My background is in event planning, holding space, and Quantum Healing, and my passions are caring for Mama Gaia and all of her children, with a strong focus
on sustainable living. I am thrilled to be joining the amazing humans and mission of the Energy
Fair this year, and look forward to surprising you with a new and fun show!

Laura Enzer – Vending Coordinator

With lots of love and passion for Crestone and its way of embracing alternative living, I am thrilled to join the Crestone Energy Fair team as a Vendor Coordinator! I was born and raised in Crestone. This is truly, in every sense, my home. I am an herbalist that is looking forward to a lifetime of learning and connecting with plants. I opened Mountain Laurel Apothecary in the heart of downtown Crestone and see a fulfilling future for myself being the bridge between the community and the plants. I truly believe in breaking free of molds we’ve been given and pushing forward as a community and planet to reinstate some more traditional ways of living. The Crestone Energy Fair does an incredible job of educating and bringing awareness to this valuable knowledge and I couldn’t be more proud to be a part of the team! 

Taylor Martin – Kids Area

Taylor earned a Bachelors Degree in humanities [health and wellness] from the State University of New York. During her time in school, Taylor taught herself how to sew. She began to design clothing and spread her passion for self expression through wearable art, by teaching sewing lessons! Wherever she found herself working, Taylor continually had profound encounters with children. Moving to Colorado in 2011, Taylor dove deep into the world of early childhood everything! Before having two sweet children of her own, Rainbow Lightning was her baby; a 501c3 organization dedicated to empowering self-expression through music, art and nature! 2022 will be Taylor’s third year coordinating the children’s offerings at the Crestone Energy Fair, and she CAN NOT WAIT!

Volunteer Coordinator
Leaf LaRay & Lisa Bodey

Brett Buchanan – Food Vending Coordinator

Jae Sanders – Graphic Design

In 2009 Jae realized that standard home building practices could be greatly improved by smarter design using regional materials and that industrial food production is by no means sustainable nor does it support human nutrition. She surmises that if people have manageable and affordable shelter and nutritious, local food, they will be healthier, less stressed and able to pursue their passions to make the world a better place. Since then, she’s been focused on how people can thrive despite changes to the economy and climate. Building resilient food sheds, regenerative agricultural infrastructure and affordable housing are the avenues in which she applies her skills and experience. 

Rob Treaphort – Golden Turtle Sound

Eden Elderberry – Kitchen Witch

Chris Manfield & Allison Wonderland – Art Installation

Lori Nagel & Paul Grice – Photographers

Doug Beechwood – Terra Media – Videography

Peace Patrol – Security

Marita Peak – Advisor & Tech Support

Kimberly Engard – Master of Ceremonies

Wellness Village – Leah Garcia

Afton Fleming – Merchandise

Shawn King – Demonstrations