Crestone Energy Fair – New Year 2020 Welcome

The Crestone Energy Fair believes we are now at a pivotal moment when we must step up to the plate with the lessons we have learned, through the incredible foundation that has been
laid for us by those who have come before us, and provide education and support to our community and beyond. The lesson that has solidified before us over the last few years is this:
the climate is changing, for the worse. The cause of this change may be attributed to human negligence, decreased solar activity in the form of the Grand Solar Minimum, and the waning of
the Earth’s magnetosphere, all of which are currently occurring at a rapidly productive pace. As such, we believe that the time for talking about ways to mitigate a changing climate has
passed, and the time for decisive action to create a sustainable community is upon us. 


We are an isolated community, which as we all know, has its benefits and its downfalls. While we may not have easy access to Walmart or Arby’s, we do have a unique capacity to determine
how interactive we wish to be with the outside world. As the climate continues to sour, and the fragile ecosystems of the world begin to collapse, that isolation will become more real and
pronounced. And if the electrical grid goes, and the last grocery delivery truck has come and gone, we need to be ready to support each other and thrive in our little mountain town.


The Crestone Energy Fair believes in this community, and believes that we as a collective will overcome any obstacles in the future, if we begin to have these hard conversations and
prepare. Over the past year we have engaged a variety of groups in the area to come together and share resources to strengthen us all, and found that this mentality will be the way that we
succeed. Our collective knowledge of sustainable energy and building practices, novel growing techniques, and alternative healing methodologies will all be pivotal resources in the coming
years, and together our belief and hope is that we will collectively rise to meet and overcome any challenge presented to us. We do not hope for this eventuality, but we do believe that at
this time we would be doing a disservice to you, the Crestone community, if we do not move to action. Throughout the coming months you will see more interactive demonstrations and
conversations, aimed at maximizing the transmission of knowledge to each attendee. And at the August event, we will continue to provide content that will empower each of you to live in a
more self-reliant, sustainable way, no matter what the future brings.

See you soon,
The Crestone Energy Fair

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