Crestone Energy Fair July 2020

Crestone Energy Fair 2020

Connecting Community

The Crestone Energy Fair will be celebrating its 31st annual event on September 11-13.  The Crestone Energy Fair is an annual event highlighting innovative and visionary energy, building, and human relation’s technologies while networking the skill sets and resources of local, regional and global communities who practice sustainable, regenerative and whole systems designs.  We are the longest running sustainability fair in the nation and this year’s theme is “Connecting Community!

During these difficult times, when health, economic and political challenges have been so widespread, we feel it is extremely important for us to gather to create solutions and new models for living in community.  We need each other’s creativity, support and connection now more than ever.  We will develop social distancing measures and a platform that allows for people to participate in ways that they feel comfortable given our current situation. We have been presented with several Venue options so stay tuned to see where our event will take place.


We are excited to announce that our 2020 keynote speaker will be David “Diamond” Mauriello!  Many of you met Diamond at last year’s event or are familiar with his work through his prolific YouTube Channel – Oppenheimer Ranch Project where he tackles social and environmental justice issues, GMO awareness, permaculture farming and so much more. He has an extensive background in landscape, residential, and commercial construction, and is also a master dry-set mason, skills which fit nicely with the tasks at hand. An awoken voice for sustainability, Diamond is a proponent of the core tenants of the Crestone Energy Fair, and we are happy and eager to hear his message for us at this year’s event.


We are looking for Presenters, Vendors, Musicians/Artists, Home Tours & Volunteers that are aligned with our mission and focus on alternative building/construction methods, gardening/permaculture and community health.  If you are interested in joining us, applications can be submitted through our website at crestoneenergyfair.org. 


Many thanks to our 2020 partners: Saguache County, ScSeed, Neighbors Helping Neighbors, Colorado Trust, 1st Southwest Bank, Artisanal Boards Buildings, Crestone Creative Trade, Guise Designs and Flaming Lotus Creations.  We are currently looking for individual donations and sponsors to help us produce this year’s event.  Donations can be made through our Go Fund Me page at http://www.gofundme.com/zmcrm-crestone-energy-fair or by mailing a check to Crestone Energy Fair, PO Box 83. 


In the meantime, you can find some inspiration for your own projects through our YouTube Channel.  Many thanks to Pete VanHorn and Nick Nevares for their work filming and editing this new series.  We are grateful to Joanna Dokson for touring us through Atalanta Gardens, to Matt Evers & Goldie Mariola for teaching us about building their earthship home, and to Tony & Amy Jo Cannata for showing us the beginning stages of preparing for a strawbale building. Please visit our channel and subscribe!


For more information:

Website: crestoneenergyfair.org

Email: crestoneenergyfair@gmail.com

Facebook and YouTube

Phone: 719-480-5925


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