Past Presentations

Lee Temple

Lee Temple 2019 Keynote Speech

Lee Temple is an award-winning author, visionary, elder, community organizer, and global sustainability activist/consultant—a planetary change agent and vital force for cross-cultural transformation. For the 2019 Energy Fair, he gave us a rousing speech laying out how individuals can reduce their carbon footprint among other things. Watch the Video Here

Donovan demonstrating building papercrete

Papercrete – concepts, ideas and challenges

Donovan will be covering papercrete concepts, ideas and challenges. He will demonstrate constructing with a commercial made papercrete product, as well as, creative applications of homemade papercrete. Papercrete is a product made of post-consumer paper fiber, cement and a few binders to stabilize the material. Papercrete has a superior compression strength to concrete with a …

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Cord wood Demo

Conscious Cordwood Building

Juniper will discuss conscious cordwood building, including mitigating dying forest to start hugelkultur beds and recycling glass. Cordwood is very sustainable and can be harvested in your own backyard! Juniper will also discuss body awareness, inhaling our surroundings and exhaling recycled trauma in regards to conscious construction. You can tour Juniper’s house at the Home Tour …

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Groundwater combines inspirations from reggae, hip-hop, funk, jazz and traditional music into a loop-based, all improvisational collaboration of lyrical and instrumental voicings.  We share dynamic, funky dance rhythms as a means of resonating a prayer for peace, love and solidarity on the earth and beyond.  Much love and blessings and hope that you enjoy!


Painting the Inner Journey

This immersive experience is for artists and non artists alike. The experience is designed to assist people to contact their inner vision, through a short Shamanic Journey (with drumming) followed by painting what they experienced.  There will be instruction of the painting technique that helps the process of stimulating the intuition.    

Lisa Bodey and friends

Restorative Justice with Molly Rowan Leach, Lisa Bodey, Cristina Cabeza-Kinney & Orca Ross

Join us as we introduce Restorative Justice and the 5 Preconditions for Restorative Practices based on Dominic Barter’s work.  We will explore recent history of RJ in Crestone with firsthand accounts to examine what we have learned, where improvements can be made and how we can strengthen relationships and repair harm in a community.  We will introduce …

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The Power of Intention by David “Diamond” Mauriello

David, otherwise known as Diamond, grew up in Southampton just outside of Philadelphia. He attended Temple University where he received his B.S. in geology and stayed on to teach and get his masters degree. Diamond’s recent work on social and environmental justice initiatives, including urban vacant lot farming, GMO awareness, and other green endeavors find even greater …

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