Solar Biogas Generator

Solar Biogas Waste Water Treatment Noon – 1 PM Sunday

Solar Biomass CoGen is here: Anaerobic Digestion Solar Thermal Solar Photovoltaic Rain Catchment   Solar Biogas Wastewater Treatment Sunday noon-1pm Anaerobic Digestion is the bio-chemical process that transforms organic materials into a methane-rich gas called biogas.  It is the last remaining piece to the renewable homestead, village, or farm where we already have passive solar …

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Donovan Hyprid Earthship Papercrete

Commercial Papercrete and Forever Shower Prototype

A hybrid earthship style home.  Earthship style first floor with a papercrete second floor.  The house is constructed of mostly reclaimed and repurposed materials, including windows, insulation, framing and roof trusses.  Also onsite will be a ‘Forever Shower’ prototype based on a design from Alosha at  The shower is a cycling of water through a contained, managed wetlands with …

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Schedule of Activities

30th Annual Crestone Energy Fair Friday – August 16 4pm Community Food Gathering & 30th Anniversary Opening Ceremony 6pm Youth Performances 7:30pm Headliner TBA Saturday, August 17 Completed Home Tours Educational Building/Alternative Energy Workshops Demonstrations Exhibits Vendors Healing Area Music Sunday, August 18  Unfinished Home Tours Commercial & Realtor Home Tours Human Energy, Exhibits Vendors Healing …

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Lee Temple

Keynote Speaker Lee Temple

A retired architect and architecture professor at Cornell and other leading universities, LEE TEMPLE is an award-winning author, visionary, elder, community organizer and global sustainability activist/consultant. He has been living the low-carbon life in the high-desert of southern Colorado since 1993. The Title of his presentation is “Ten Steps to a Healthier, Safer Planet”. Professor Temple’s …

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Earthship Under Construction

Earthship Under Construction

                  Goldie and Matt Earthship inspired tire home with super-insulated, R-40 walls, passive solar heating and cooling with cooling tubes . Extended greenhouse and reused/recycled building materials including bottle brick walls, re-used tires for foundation, re-used glass for windows and adobe floors and walls.

Strawbale Hybrid building under construction

Strawbale Hybrid

Passive solar, super insulated strawbale home. 16” cellulose insulation in the roof. Sunspace with a garden bed for heat, and veggies.Main living, local timber frame with infill strawbale walls.  Studio/garage has hybrid structural strawbale walls.  Most framing, trim, stone flooring is local.  Earthbag insulated foundation. And Adobe earth plaster.

Grain Bin Alternative House

Reclaimed Grain Bins

900sqft – Reclaimed Grain Bin Construction Spray Foam insulation with Ruff Cut Lumber Interior Framing Earth Bags and Tires were too labor intensive and time consuming for a single mother with twins. The Bins were economically purchased for $500 and can be reassembled in a couple days. I’ve always wanted a ‘Butler’