30th Anniversary of the Crestone Energy Fair – July 2019

Aug 16-18

WOW!!! 30 consecutive years we have been gathering to discuss and celebrate our dreams for the future.  This year’s theme will continue to focus on the future with ‘Climate Solutions NOW for Seven Generations’.

A few highlights from this year’s Solution based Education schedule:

A keynote presentation with Lee Temple, founder of Prima Mundi.  Lee is an award-winning author, visionary, elder, community organizer, and global sustainability activist/consultant—If we want to deliver a habitable planet to our great-grandchildren, we must quickly unite to change human behavior all across the globe, to effectively turn the global climate crisis around.

Andrew Bailey with Sacred Earth Enterprises will be discussing their current Climate Restoration model.  Which incorporates Carbon Capture and Sustainable Agriculture with healthy living space.  Their current mission is to invent, develop, prototype, manufacture and market technological innovations that have a measurable positive global climate effect when deployed at scale.


Michael Bertin with Architectural Harmonics will discuss Biome Design concepts.

Biome Design regards a building or built environment as a living entity unto its self, a congruous part of its ecology, interactive with its particular climate, which can provide for all of its current necessities and future growth needs.

Christine Canaly, Director of the San Luis Valley Ecosystem Council (SLVEC) will bring us back to the local level by presenting the SLVEC Solar Working Group Sensitive Resources map. Which will lead to discussing how to integrate solar into the SLV grid.She will also briefly summarize the energy bills before the Colorado state legislature, discussing what has passed and what is pending. Chris joined SLV Ecosystem Council (SLVEC) in June 2000.In coordination with the EPA Region 8, Chris enjoined with SLV community leaders to prioritize environmental health protocols which has since engaged over 4,000 households in educational forums for protecting their in-door air and water quality through mitigation and regular household maintenance.

Nick Chambers returns with his amazing wood chip gasifier starting at dusk and a tour of his Biogas/value creating wastewater treatment system.  Nick is the founder of the Valley Roots Food Hub, an organization that focuses on highly regenerative agricultural and socio-economic practices that can fulfill human needs while leaving behind a legacy of biologically productive soils, sufficient water, and healthy communities of plants, animals, and people. 

Rounding out the event will be vendors from near and far, Home Tours with tires, dirt, paper and PV, alternative building demonstrations, homesteading influences, and a robust music lineup highlighting local youth on Friday night, and closing with Original Currency on Sunday.

 We continue seeking Sponsors, Vendors & Donations that are aligned with our mission. It takes a village to pull off an event of this size and we are in great need of financial donations to make this year a success.  Please help up reach our funding goals through our go fund me page at http://www.gofundme.com/zmcrm-crestone-energy-fair .  Visit our new website at CrestoneEnergyFair.org for the complete schedule, participation forms and ongoing updates.  Also, join our FB page at Crestone Energy Fair for discussions and industry advancements. 

Many thanks to our newest partners: Valley Food Hub, Orient Land Trust, KTAO-Solar Radio, Worldchangers and Crestone Artists.

For more information contact CrestoneEnergyFair@gmail.com or talk to Lisa Bodey, Nick Navares or Donovan Spitzman to get involved.  Join the movement.


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