2022 Performers

The River Arkansas

A batch of Colorado’s finest musicians whose abilities shine throughout the golden hour that is Waiting on the Rain. The five piece each skillfully showcases their craft while seamlessly bonding together as a band. Bolder Beat noted that, “Together, they give off a heartfelt and wholesome sound which resonates with the Colorado lifestyle of mountain life meets the pavement.”

Mike Clark (singer, songwriter) and Macon Terry (bass) formed The River Arkansas in 2014 after an impromptu studio session led to the release of their first album, Golden Light. The band picked up Robin Chestnut (drums) and Rachel Sliker (violin) for a month-long west coast tour that solidified the band’s friendship and led to their sophomore album, You Animal. As the band evolved from a more tender sound to heavier soulful country and blues-rock music, they added the talented Benjamin Gallagher on keys. His addition prompted the band to use 4-piece harmonies and more elaborate arrangements, and they released their third studio album, Any Kind of Weather shortly before the world took a break due to health reasons. With the release of Waiting on the Rain, The River Arkansas demonstrates just how much they’ve mastered the steady flow of their sound

Max Ribner & 1st Language

Expect story telling mixed with music, movement, heart and soul & gathering in the way we used to in earlier times.

What are the common threads that bridge jazz, soul, and classical music with spiritual connection and community service?

This is the question that drives international touring artist Max Ribner. The sound that answers is rich, reverent, and intimate, connecting us through the lineage of music, to the stories of our ancestors. In the past, Max’s unique and fusion-inspired approach to Flugelhorn and trumpet has led him to perform with artists such as Esperanza Spalding, Nahko And Medicine For The People, Trevor Hall, The Polish Ambassador, Liv Warfield and many more. The result of years of collaboration with such a broad musical community is powerfully illustrated on Max’s debut solo album, 1st Language. 1st Language is a sonic calling together of our collective humanity. 

Southwest Dancers

Native American Pow Wow Song and Dance, historical storytelling.

Mike Wird the 33rd Octave

Afro funkuristic Jazzy Hip Hop soul music. A unique blend of American music that spans from folk, to soul and RnB.

Hip-hop arts Renaissance man, the artist’s artist. Mike Wird is known for his highly provocative content and potent stage presence; he has shared the stage with numerous world-renown music-recording artists and live performance-touring artists. A family man, educator, performer, presenter, entrepreneur, investor, business owner, B-boy, DJ, Emcee, producer, recording artist, natural holistic health and wellness advocate and sustainable/regenerative living practitioner, an earthship biotect, systems thinker, natural builder and permaculturalist. Co-founder of the companies New Prosper Life LLC and Regenerative Adventures LLC. ecological, financial and social/cultural stewardship companies. Mike is a global and local sustainability “eco” Hip-hop movement community consultant, spokesperson and liaison. His self-empowering messages and work disrupt our normal patterns of feeling stuck as a disservice to life and create a sense of wonder for those ready to embark on an epic adventure, a journey into the depths of heart, mind, soul, and spirit. After an encounter with Mike Wird “the 33rd Octave”, you emerge with a new sense of purpose and enlightenment.

Shumei International Institute’s HIKARI Taiko

Shumei International Institute’s HIKARI Taiko is a Crestone based taiko group. “Taiko” is the Japanese word for drum. Taiko drumming captures our attention and brings us into the present through the powerful and invigorating sounds it creates. Art and Beauty is one of the three main pillars of Shumei philosophy and Taiko most certainly elevates our spirit with the beauty of art. For more information about Shumei International Institute or to schedule a tour please visit our website at www.shumeicrestone.org

Elzeard Stallings

A unique blend of American music that spans from folk, to soul and RNB.

Zea Stallings music and voice will sweep you off your feet, and into a deeply ecstatic state. A smooth a sultry voice that will take you on a journey through time a space.


Straight up Roots Folk Rock. Original songs from the heart that you feel the first time you hear them.

432One is a collaborative effort by Kriss “Harmony” Harrison, Rob “Monkey” Dasaro, & Brad “Bradman” Manosevitz, and features Ryan Grow on drums. The combination of these long time Roaring Fork Valley music scene staples has resulted in a catalogue consisting almost entirely of original music. “432One was born out of the dark depths of the Omicron wave during the winter of ’22, when we were each struggling with one thing or another. Getting together to play music was a beacon of light for us all. But we didn’t just get together to jam, these tunes were personal. We sang our originals for each other, and each of us added something to make the song greater than the sum of its parts.” The song writing is honest, vulnerable, and from the heart. But really, it’s just 4 middle aged guys singing their truths to each other. “We are buoyed by these songs and our partnership. We hope you will be too.”

Groove Wranglers

Crestone’s new funk band is bringing a new vibe to the SLV music scene!

Noemi Kosmowski

Eastern gypsy music dance

Old Man Tim

Old Man Tim,  OMT,  Om-t:  solar powered songwriter/singer presenting the Human/Nature connections that unite all beings through song.  

Songwriter/Singer spanning 2 centuries of cultural connections.  Earthship builder and solar powered shoemaker since the 1980’s. 


Eco-Herbal Cosmic Hip Hop 

BethyLoveLight is a Eco-Herbal Cosmic Hip Hop Musician who offers Anthems for Avatars with the synergy of her angelic raps interwoven with her original magical music. She loves to rock out for peace, plants, gardening, sustainability, unity & the One Love! She has played at Envision, The Eclipse Festival, ARISE, Sonic Bloom, Burning Man, Tribal Visions & Sisterwinds to name a few. You can find BethyLoveLight at www.bethylovelight.com and on Spotify, YouTube, Soundcloud, IG, FB & Reverbnation.

RhythmetriX Drumming Wellness

RhythmetriX uses their BIG drums to deliver high intensity rhythm based exercises, engaging meditation workshops, and fun rhythm classes! We unite music, movement, and mindfulness for an experience centered on wellness that can be tangibly measured and backed by concepts in neuroscience.

RhythmeriX seeks to redefine wellness in a world that moves too fast for its own good.

A quick Google search will yield endless results on the positive benefits of 1) exercise, 2) meditation, 3) music, 4) repetitive rhythms, and 5) positive socializing. Despite all we know about these core pillars of human wellness, no modality exists that combines all of them into a single activity… until now.

RhythmetriX combines music with movement and mindfulness to create the ultimate holistic wellness experience.

With decades of experience in fitness, meditation, and drumming, the founders of RhythmetriX are on a mission to scientifically measure exactly what takes place in the brain over time when people engage in a physical mode of group drumming. We believe there is a reason all cultures of humans from all parts of the world all engaged in some kind of drumming, and our goal is to prove it.

Ultimately, it is our goal to help raise all people’s baseline of wellness, from neurotypical individuals to neurodivergent people of all forms, such as anxiety, depression, ADHD, stress, ASL, autism, and more.

We believe society has gotten too far away from what actually makes us human, and with the proper way of facilitating — which is our special sauce — it is possible for all humans from any walk of life to tap in and turn on through our unique drumming experience.

Heliomorph Troupe

Heliomorph is a group collaboration of Professional Fire Dancers, with a deep dedication to the Performance Arts.

The members of Heliomorph each have many years of experience with the art of Fire Dancing and train to be able to put on a spectacular display of the Performance Arts. From choreographed group pieces, to duos and solos we are well equipped to put on a great show with a variety of props: Fire Fans, Dragon Staff, Contact Staff, Rope Dart, and more. 

Frankie J Meyer

Fun, funny, and inclusive.  Here’s a unique blend of original blues, folk, country and jazz rich in poetic story telling, a deep, deep voice, a variety of musical texture, and some very impressive guest artists. 

Frank spends his summers in Crestone and winters in Austin, Tx.   He has played with some of the greats including B.B.King, has toured extensively with his band Paper Moon Shiners and has been a regular at some of Austin’s most celebrated clubs.  His unique style defies description writing songs inspired by everyone from Tom Waits to Taj Mahal and Bob Wills to Roger Miller and Willie Dixon.  He has five CDs to his name and a few LPs from the 80’s and 90’s including one with the original drummer of the Mothers of Invention, Jimmie Carl Black. Frank finds Crestone rich in creative energy and continues to write songs that seems to roll down off the mountains.

The Gullywhomperz 

Please enjoy the Gullywhomperz presentation of primitive folk and trashgrass acoustic string music with harmonious bending voices, featuring original compositions and selected cover sounds.

The Gullywhomperz will present their groovy, sh*tkicking style of primitive folk and trashgrass musics. With guitar, banjo, mandolin and two voices that often blend with beautiful harmony, Elliot and Mohan will play their best original songs and favorite cover tunes. 

Sugar Sounds

Mike Clark is a singer songwriter living in Pueblo Colorado. In 2013 to great acclaim he released the Soul and Rock and Roll album, Round and Round under the name Mike Clark and the Sugar Sounds and took off playing live concerts across the Colorado front range. Now nearly ten years later is back with a highly anticipated follow up album, Moon Rock! Out now everywhere!
Ben Gallagher featured heavily on the new album playing several different types of keys and Synths
Robin Chestnut Plays drums and other percussion on Moon Rock


The Sonic Apothecary

Nature Fusion

The Sonic Apothecary is a band composed of musicians from different realms, and offers Nature Fusion Music, featuring the sound of plants through a Damanhur Music of the Plants Device.


DJ Gödtís

Swim through crashing waves, dive deep into self expression, soulful dance, and community connection. Enjoy & explore the musical worlds of Temple Bass, EDM, Dreamtempo, World Percussion, and Electronic Nectar. Close your eyes, open your heart and allow yourself to be led by the rhythm.

DJ Gödtís has being playing Ecstatic dances journeys in various sanctuaries for over 5 years. She has been humbled to facilitate and cultivating Ecstatic Dance events, In and around, Boulder Colorado, crafting safe spaces for community to connect consciously.

Listen to Tribal Liquid FLOW! by Tammy Beattie on #SoundCloud


Pioneer Mother Solo

Lydia Sprouts reimagines the flavor of bluegrass with a solo mandolin & vocals, and heart felt story telling. 


Chronic Joy

Crestone’s Jacob, Dave & Elliot