2022 Freebox

Freebox Art Installation

Saturday, August 27 10:30AM on Main Stage

Message from the artists: 

“If you use the Freebox in town or are one of the wonderful volunteer/regulars who helps sort things from the Freebox to move to the dumpster, the art installation crew for Crestone Energy Fair needs your help! For this year’s art installation, we are sourcing materials from the Freebox/Feebox dumpster.  

Here is what we need: smaller trash (no larger than a bowling ball with the exception of things that are long and maleable… ropes, ribbons, chains, etc… we want this) that would otherwise go to the Freebox dumpster. We are going to make a simple meditation labyrinth using our community trash as part of the installation, so think about things that can be used that can be arranged to make a path. Sometimes this week we will put a separate container next to the Freebox dumpster where these materials can be put aside instead of the dumpster. Please, do NOT put organic trash/hazardous items (glass, barbwire, nails, etc…) in the container. Thank you for your attention, we look forward to the installation!Also, does anyone have any containers/box big enough to be placed by the Free Box/Free Box dumpster to put the materials aside in that preferably has a lid (because it has been raining).  For any questions or support for the art installation, please respond directly to 

Chris Manfield.  Call/text anytime at 925-408-1225.

Freebox Fashion Show

Sunday, August 28 12:30PM at the Cloud Stage

Hello Freebox fans! I am thrilled to be hosting the Freebox fashion show at the Crestone Energy Fair this year. The fashion show is open to all who want to participate, so grab your supplies from the Freebox and show the world how fabulous upcycling can look! Not only will the participants get to keep their outfits, but prizes will also be rewarded to the most fashionable! We are still looking for volunteers as well. Come help us spread awareness about the Freebox while unleashing your creativity!  Amory Reed 719-209-1077 or twoheartshealing1111@gmail.com.