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Volunteer with the Crestone Energy Fair! 

We are in the final days of preparing our new site for the off-grid 32nd Annual Event and WE NEED HELP!!!  
The event is FREE so please consider making a donation or giving time to support this community run event.

  -We need an overall VOLUNTEER COORDINATOR!  

-Artist to create stencil for merchandise

-Volunteers to prepare & donate food for our volunteers the week of the event. 

- Volunteers to create large ice blocks the week of the event. 

-Volunteers who can help pick up tables/chairs at Town Hall  & deliver to site.

- Volunteer who can pick up a generator in Pueblo, CO 

- Moderator for YouTube Livestream

Moderator for Facebook Livestream 

- Volunteers to pick up tables/chairs from site and return to Town Hall 



- Manage Registration Gate from 6AM-8PM (2 hour shifts)

- Parking Attendants from 6AM-6PM

- Drive shuttle service (We need an ATV/Golf Cart/vehicle to borrow & driver) 8AM-8PM

- Kitchen prep, cooking, dishwashing 8AM-8PM - Contact Mary Lowers 719-256-4185 or

- Bathroom checks Noon-8PM

- Trash, recycling, compost checks Noon-8PM

- Overall logistical help, running errands, fill-in for other shifts 8AM-8PM 

Please contact Lisa Bodey, Director, if you can help...or if you would like to be our Volunteer Coordinator. 
719.480.5925 or



The Energy Fair is looking for inspired, visionary leaders to fill some key Coordinator positions: 

  • Accountant/Bookkeeper
  • Alternative Energy Coordinator
  • Grant Writer/Fundraising
  • Media & Communications
  • PR/Advertising
  • Sanitation, Recycling & Compost Coordinator
  • Sponsorship Coordinator
  • Vendor Coordinator 
  • Volunteer Coordinator 
  • Youth Activities Coordinator

We have many other volunteer roles to fill based on your skill sets and talents. 

Waivers will be available from our staff for you to sign. For volunteers under the age of 18, a parent or guardian must sign the volunteer waiver.

Thank you for all you do!

Please Donate

Please consider making a donation to the Crestone Energy Fair. We need your support to help make this year's community-run event a success. We need to raise money for everything from speakers, musicians, sanitation/recycling/composting, advertising, youth events, community art to alternative energy to power our stages! Every little bit really makes a big impact, helps us to engage and empower the broader community, and supports the volunteers who are committing hundreds of hours to produce this event. Click below for our Go Fund Me donation page.

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