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Community Circle


The Crestone Energy Fair is an annual event highlighting innovative and visionary energy, building, and human relation’s technologies while networking the skill sets and resources of local, regional and global communities who practice regenerative and whole systems design.


Our vision is to become a leading model of the Seven Generations philosophy of stewardship which urges our generation of humans to live and work for the benefit of the seventh generation into the future. We integrate lessons from our ancestors and all who have gone before us into current solutions for reducing our impact on mother nature and repairing harm in all it’s forms.

Please Donate

Please consider making a donation to the Crestone Energy Fair. We need your support to help make this year's community-run event a success. We need to raise money for everything from speakers, musicians, sanitation/recycling/composting, advertising, youth events, community art to alternative energy to power our stages! Every little bit really makes a big impact, helps us to engage and empower the broader community, and supports the volunteers who are committing hundreds of hours to produce this event. Click below for our Go Fund Me donation page.

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