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Natural Movement Play Session with Katie Getchell Katie Getchell Building Demo Area
Painting the Inner Journey Building Demo Area
Conscious Cordwood Building Building Demo Area
Rammed Earth Tire Construction Rammed Earth Tires Building Demo Area
Papercrete - concepts, ideas and challenges Building Demo Area
Hemp Grower's Forum by Suzanne Rouge Building Demo Area
Tai Chi & Qi Gong with Brian Chi Building Demo Area
The Power of Intention by David "Diamond" Mauriello David Diamond Mauriello Town Hall Meeting Room
Garden Season Extenders by Dave Kirchner Town Hall Meeting Room
Beyond BlueGreen Team by Susan Carpenter Sims Town Hall Meeting Room
Unconditional Love by Ramloti Town Hall Meeting Room
Colorado Jural Assembly by Russell Preister Town Hall Meeting Room
Regenerative Community Development by Miranda Clendening Town Hall Meeting Room
How to Communicate Better by Paul Shippee Town Hall Meeting Room
Self-Generate the ”Love Molecule" by Lorin Kiely Town Hall Meeting Room
Sound & Light by Russell Preister Town Hall Meeting Room
Community Potluck potluck dinner Other
Solar Panels (on display both days) Other
Crestone Songbirds Crestone Songbirds Regenerative Stage
Blue Rooster Blue Rooster Regenerative Stage
Plan Be Plan BE Regenerative Stage
Big Horn BIg Horn Photo Regenerative Stage
American Tribal Style & Tribal Fusion Belly Dance Tori Sterling Regenerative Stage
Ethos Music...DJ Jesse Cummins Ethos Music Regenerative Stage
We Dream Dawn We Dream Dawn Regenerative Stage
Chances R Good Chances R Good Regenerative Stage
Groundwater Groundwater Regenerative Stage
Keynote Speaker Lee Temple Lee Temple Regenerative Stage
Nick Chambers - Living Arts Systems Biomass Digester Regenerative Stage
Rich & Ana Cornelius - Opening & Closing Ceremony Rich and Ana Cornelius Regenerative Stage
Cacao Ceremony & Primordial Breathwork with Worldchangers Cacao Ceremony Regenerative Stage
Original Currency Original Currency A Conscious Word Collective Regenerative Stage
Hikari Taiko with Shumei Taiko Regenerative Stage
Restorative Justice with Molly Rowan Leach, Lisa Bodey, Cristina Cabeza-Kinney & Orca Ross Resilience Stage
Michael Bertin - Biome design High Altitude Solar Biome Design Resilience Stage
Christine Canaly - SLVEC San Luis Valley Ecosystem Council Resilience Stage
Climate, Consciousness & the Indigenous Connection Andrew & Connie Resilience Stage
Solar Cooking by Dave Kirchner Resilience Stage
Food Revelation by Gail Blair Gail Blair Resilience Stage
Sustainable Agriculture-Permaculture-The Solution by David Mauriello David Diamond Mauriello Resilience Stage
Traditional Elder and Healer...medical/psycho-spritual intuitive with Dr. Maria Michael Dr Maria Michael medical intuitive Resilience Stage