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The Crestone Energy Fair has partnered with Neighbors Helping Neighbors(NHN) and Baca Grande Emergency Services to offer a NEW Community Firewood Program. Community members who can afford to purchase wood at full price will be helping to supplement those who want to work-trade for wood and/or receive free firewood through the NHN assistance program. This will help us to create jobs and empower individuals to help join our team in supporting the entire community.

Due to COVID and other circumstances, we have had a lot of difficulty sourcing bulk wood and the price of firewood has increased this year. To cover our costs and create an effective program we will be charging $250/cord. At the moment, we are able to order Spruce to cut, split and deliver.

Wood stacking is an additional $25/cord.

We have been taking names for orders since May and do not anticipate our first wood deliveries to start until the middle to end of October.

If you are still interested in purchasing firewood, please do so through our Crestone Energy Exchange website at:

For more information, please contact Lisa Bodey 719-480-5925 or

For free firewood assistance through Neighbors Helping Neighbors, please contact Mary Lowers 719-256-4185 or

Please Donate

Please consider making a donation to the Crestone Energy Fair. We need your support to help make this year's community-run event a success. We need to raise money for everything from speakers, musicians, sanitation/recycling/composting, advertising, youth events, community art to alternative energy to power our stages! Every little bit really makes a big impact, helps us to engage and empower the broader community, and supports the volunteers who are committing hundreds of hours to produce this event. Click below for our Go Fund Me donation page.

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