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Creating an off-grid event from scratch takes a lot of coordination and resources.  Please see if you can help us secure some of the following items:

Construction Materials:

  • All kinds of lumber - especially 2'x4'x8'/10/12's 
  • 4'x8' sheets of 1/2" plywood (15)
  • Star bit construction screws 2", 2.5" & 3"
  • Large construction bolts for securing larger structures
  • Wood stakes for signage
  • PVC pipe 
  • 10-12' metal poles for shade attachment
  • Bungee cords, ropes, p-cord

Venue Ambience (for donation or loan)

  • Aluminet, garden shade cloths, lycra or other fabric to create shade 
  • Sturdy pop-up tents or shade structures
  • Solar lights - string and single lights 
  • Carpeting for seating area 
  • Artwork that supports the theme of sustainability/repurposing/recycling/energy

Kitchen & Wash Stations (to borrow week of the event)

  • On demand propane hot water heater
  • Rice cookers
  • Large coolers for storing food
  • Large woks
  • 5 Gallon Water storage containers for wash stations (ones that can be set on side w/ control valve)
  • Biodegradeable soap, sponges, hand sanitizers
  • 6-8' folding tables
  • Large containers to store food in

Dreamlist - part of our longer term planning but maybe you can help us make our dreams a reality sooner than later!

  • 20K Watt Solar System - panels, batteries, inverter, charge controller
  • 20K Watt Diesel Generator- Low Noise (can be converted to biodiesel or veggie oil) 
  • Hot Water Solar System
  • Solar and/or Propane fridge/freezer
  • 8 Walkie Talkie Radios
  • ATV/Golf Cart for shuttle and production
  • Composting toilets
  • More to come rock if you read this far!


Please Donate

Please consider making a donation to the Crestone Energy Fair. We need your support to help make this year's community-run event a success. We need to raise money for everything from speakers, musicians, sanitation/recycling/composting, advertising, youth events, community art to alternative energy to power our stages! Every little bit really makes a big impact, helps us to engage and empower the broader community, and supports the volunteers who are committing hundreds of hours to produce this event. Click below for our Go Fund Me donation page.

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